Basic Black and White Printing Per Page Per Copy Up to A4 Size (Plain Paper)        0.50p Per Copy Per Page        

Basic Colour Printing Per Page Per Copy Upto A4 Size (Plain Paper)                         1.00 Per Copy Per Page

Glossy Black And White Printing Per Page Per Copy Up to A4 Size                           0.75p Per Copy Per Page

Glossy Colour Printing Per Page Copy Up to A4 Size                                                   1.50 Per Copy Per Page

Laminated Printing  (Would be charged in addition to Printing)                                   2.00+ Per Copy  Per Page

General Typing and Administration Up to A4 Size                                                        1.00 Per Copy Per Page

Printing Outside or Above A4 would incur an additional Cost                                      5.00 Per Copy Per Page

All orders would include ring binding but would be subject to an extra Administration and Design Fees covering addtional cost incurred during the Printing Process and covering things like Postage, Delivery and Manufacture etc.


Prices start From 250 and include a print run off 100 copies up to 50 pages each copy

Basic Publication Black and White (100 copies of up to 50 pages each A5 Size)                  250

Colour Publication (100 copies of up to 50 pages each A5 Size)                                            375

All Orders are subject to binding agreement and do not include any administrative or design fee incured all Quotes are free and are not obligtory.  Orders of Printing Run of more than 50 Pages, 100 copies or Outside Or Above A5 are subject to negotiation and could incur additional administration and or design fees.  


Job Portfolio, Curriculum Vitea or Document Production                    3.00 Per Copy Per Page or All inclusive Fee 100

Document Scanning, Typing Up Handwriiten Notes.                           5.00 Per Copy Per Page Or Inclusive Fee of 250

Spreadsheet, Database or Document Production                                 10.00 Per Item Produced / 6.00 Per Hour For Any Admin Work 

Office, Business Administraion (e.g. Mailshots, Dataentry, Bookkeeping)      250.00 Set Up Fee / 8.00 Per Hour Any Work Needed

Mass Mailshots and Business Promotions (incluing envelopes and postage)   2.00 Per Item + Production Costs

Business Portfolio Or Seminar Documents                                                          5.00 Per Page Per Copy Based On  Upto A4 Size Paper

Laminating, Transparancies and Specialist Printing                                Upto 200.00 Per Item Per Copy But Subject to Estimate





                                                                                    50.00 + Per Page Subject to Terms and conditions


Short Business Promotional Video Upto 2 Mins           From 70.00 Special Effects Inclusive.

Internet Adverising and Promotion Start                       From 100.00





















Website Design, Production and Domain Registation Starts From