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I have been working in bookselling, printing and publishing for over thirty years as a self employed businessman.  Also I have invented and developed the Geodesic Glass-form Kitform House (Pat No: GB2408756).  Being a small prominent local businessman who has had over thirty years experience in Academic Publishing, Bookselling and Printing I have a real insight into these worlds.

Over 75% of all authors never get published.  They say everyone has a book in them and at College Bookshop Publishers we have the Knowledge and insight of the publishing world to get your book, essay, short story or publication designed, published, marketed and printed at very economical fees with our in all in one packages.

We can offer publishing, office and paper services like typing, general administration plus a C.V. service for students, lecturers, professors and academics in all levels and stations of higher learning and again at competitive fees.  We can also help with web design, production and marketing off any publication that you may want to write.  Be it a small essay, porfolio, thesis, book or novel you name it we can publish it.

But we can do more than that we can advertise and market your publication by producing your very own website and taking what you have written to thousands and millions of people through our marketing in social websites in youtube, facebook and myspace ect.


 College Bookshop publishers can also type up any handwriiten notes and turn them into proffessionally presented documents and we scan, reprint or archive any document that you may need.  Set up and maintain business databases, and or spreadsheets for what ever puropse and create , process and pesent any sort of document or presentation for tax or business reasons.

Help with form filling and basic book-keeping and general business administration.   Any brochure and leaflet creation starting at bargain prices and help with wider publicity, advertising and promotion at prices you will not believe.

We can even Scan, Laminate and Design a document, business plan or proposal to make your statement, idea or expression look classy and professional even to a tight schedule or deadline impressing your customer or investors when you need it most.

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We are independent publishers of accessible books that make a difference.

 (The Airman`s Secret is a life story of Alfred George Morley we  may never know the truth in the secret)
Adult fiction with Scientific which is the story  of how  DNA can be a dangerous thing! Along with science fiction.

As an up and coming publisher we like to invite Authors to send their, to us work with a view to being published. 

This would of course be done with the usual confidentiality and copyrights in place.


Geoff Morley has been working in Academic Book Publishing and selling for over thirty years, and continues to provide to students, lectures, professors and academics in general the highest quality of work in their field.


Every publication we receive, would be given the individual attention of commissioning, editorial, production, and marketing.




 e-mail morl944@aol

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